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How to Buy Real Views

If you are interested in getting more real youtube views then you need to know exactly how to buy youtube views. You will be presented with hundreds of options when you are searching online for how to buy youtube views and you need to understand the difference between quantity and quality youtube views. There are lots of sellers of quantity youtube views. This means they will sell you a ridiculous amount of views for an extremely cheap price. This is not how to buy real youtube views. They do not care about your videos, they only want to get your money.

How to Buy Referer Views

Getting too many quantity views can get your video deleted or your entire account banned from youtube. Essentially you will be paying for nothing. How can you learn the right way to buy youtube views? It is simple take quality over quantity. Take your time to look for the retention Youtube views that may be a little more expensive but will be safer for your youtube account. If you search diligently it is not hard to find a good quality youtube view seller. This is how to buy youtube accounts.

How to Buy Targeted View

In the long run your views will accumulate once your videos gets some good targeted views with retention instead of hundreds of thousands of views that last a very short amount of time. Having way too many views with little to no retention looks suspicious and can get your video deleted. If you feel like you have a quality video, and it needs views now you know how to buy youtube views.

  • YouTube Likes

    If someone gives your video a thumbs up, it means they like. If you buy many likes your clip can turn into a great success.

  • YouTube Comments

    The comments on Youtube are located below the description, like for blogs at the end of each article. They works fine.

  • YouTube Favorites

    Favorites is a great way to show people that your videos are loved by the visitors and get the exposure you looking for.

  • YouTube Subscribers

    Purchase real human Youtube subscribers helps your video to go viral and to reach the top of YouTube search results.

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    How to get famous on YouTube

    So, you are looking at various videos on YouTube and your find yourself beginning to get a little bit confused about the videos you are watching. Sometimes it can be quite hard to tell what the person you are watching has actually done to get so many thousands of views on one of the most used websites on the planet, but these things happen. You start to think that you could probably do something even better, right? So why not give it a go? Getting big on YouTube is something that requires charisma, a little bit of bravado and confidence in your own ability to succeed. As well as this, you need to be ready to interact, take criticism fairly and also not lose your temper with people when they give you abuse or try and troll you – this will lose you followers and FAST. So, what should be your first port of call when trying to become a YouTube sensation?

    Make A Noise

    You need to create an impact out there and you need to do that by doing three things. One you need to try and stay topical if you are regularly posting – in-depth jokes that refer to ancient incidents will get you a niche crowd but not much else. Stay in the know about what people are talking about laughing about on the internet on the subjects that you will talk the most about as it help you from making any ill-informed or poorly constructed jokes on the subject.

    Go To Gatherings

    YouTube gatherings have become massive because it offers the famous artists on there a chance to get a little bit extra personal spotlight. Not only will you get to receive some nice ego-raising praise but you might wind up working other artists through this – you never know what could occur from one of these networking goldmines!


    You’ll also want to make sure that you get featured by an Editor at one stage. This requires hard work and a video that gets a lot of attention and positive feedback but with enough hard work this can be the catapult you need to get you over the wall of mediocrity and into the realms of online stardom! The rules for becoming a YouTube sensation are fairly simple – be unique and relevant, make sure you talk back with your subscribers and don’t get arrogant and start believing the hype, it will only lead you to your own quick and embarrassing online downfall! Online stardom is something that can be enjoyed but if you let it dictate how you respond and react to people then you can ruin all the hard hours of work you will put into becoming a sensation.


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